Japanese Indie Festival


We are having a huge on Steam this week – 24 games total. Check it out at http://store.steampowered.com/sale/japaneseindiefestival

Together with some of the other Japanese to English localization teams on Steam, we came up with this sale to celebrate this years Comic Market, or Comiket 86, taking place on August 15th to 17th, 2014.

You can find all our games at record discounts in this sale. We know you already have a copy of each, but why miss this chance to buy your friends a few gifts, especially when they are so cheap?

Poppo Has Intensified!

Poppo Has Intensified

There are strange things happening in the world of 100% Orange Juice. Reports are coming in of a hostile takeover by a mysterious creature some have taken to calling Rad Poppo. She has rallied her legions of Poppo to steal every star in the world!

It’s still not too late to… join her cause! According to reliable sources, Poppo’s takeover will last until 24:00 EST on Monday, August 11th. Her loyal followers are granted the signature item of Rad Poppo that will be the envy of every other Poppo in the world. Don’t miss out!

1.6.3: All Fields Weekend!

1.6.3. - All Fields Unlocked Weekend

1.6.3 is now live. All Fields Unlocked Weekend! You can now play on all the maps in the game online, whether you have unlocked them or not!

– Chat should no longer lose the speaker’s name.
– Fixed several issues related to host changing during game.
– Improved safety checks for star and experience rewards.
– Fixed unit animations for Sora’s black model.

v1.6: Chat & New Colors!

100% Orange Juice 1.6 "Piggy Bank"

Version 1.6 “Piggy Bank” is now live!
– Added In-game Chat. Players may now talk with one another in game lobby and during a match. Speech bubble icon can be used to toggle chat visibility.
– Improved CPU behavior against playable boss units.
– Added 2x Battle Squares to Miracle field event. These squares give 2 Wins if the NPC is KO’d.
– Two new color sets can now be unlocked at lvl 25 and lvl 50.
– Two new colors, a common and uncommon one, can now be unlocked separately for each character by playing multiplayer games. The unlock is a random chance at the end of a match, regardless of winner.
– Reduced prices of character color packs as follows:
Core character Basic Color Pack prices now 1.500 stars (down from 2.000)
Boss Basic Color Pack prices now 15.000 (down from 20.000)
Other Basic Color Pack prices now 7.000 (down from 10.000)
– Increased base XP gain by 20%
– Reduced XP penalty from playing with lower level players, and bonus from playing with higher level players.
– Added Star Decay: Games running for over 60 Chapters now suffer a 1% penalty to stars per chapter past 60.
– Slowed down the rotating player markers to make it easier to tell player numbers from them.

– For the Future of the Toy Store card level requirement lowered from 3 to 2.

– Fixed an issue with battle cards being displayed in card log before they were used.
– Poppo now intensifies properly.

All Characters Weekend!

100% Orange Juice v1.5.1

Play online with any character this weekend, whether you have previously unlocked them or not!

Version 1.5.1 Now Live!

– To support colorblind players, each Goal is now marked with player number

– Adjusted Card Log for various resolutions
– Fixed more cases that could result in player loading no map and seeing all units as KO’d.
– Fixed a bug that prevented Poppo from winning

New Stories for 99 Spirits

Main capsule image
99 Spirits – Cage of Night is now available for the first time in English. It is the first of the two side stories to PC Puzzle RPG 99 Spirits, giving you a chance to know more of the fan favourite support characters. We are releasing Cage of Night directly on Steam as a DLC to 99 Spirits, and it includes both English and Japanese versions of the game.

The game stars fan-favorites Saki and Komiya, and adds brand new characters. A story of tragic love and foxes’ games told in visual novel style, the Cage of Night is set during the events of 99 Spirits storyline and is set in a darker mood than the main story.

Additionally, it features six Mini Scenarios with in-between scenes from 99 Spirits that will bring a smile to your face and a Developer Symposium with commentary by TORaIKI, 99 Spirits’ creators to tell you where and how this all started.

99 Spirits – Cage of Night was a successful stretch goal on the 99 Spirits IndieGoGo project.

99 Spirits – Cage of Night is available with a -10% launch discount on Steam

v1.5: Color Packs & Random Maps

100% Orange Juice 1.5 "Nice Jingle"

100% Orange Juice v1.5 “Nice Jingle”, the biggest content update to date, is now live.

DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND 4-6. July! Play online for double experience gains!

– A Basic Color Pack with 4 extra color presets is now available for purchase for each character in the Shop.
– Character color can be toggled by clicking on a multicolored orange under the character portrait.
– Added option to select Random as the map in Free Play (new default selection). This randoms the map out of the ones the player has unlocked.
– Added option to select random character in deck creation (icon to the right of character portrait). Color can still be toggled after randomizing character.
– Added a new method to review last used cards. There are small card icons in the bottom right corner that update with recent cards. Mouse-overing them shows the full-size card and name of player who played it.
– Added short character descriptions to New Game character selection
– Added unlock notification for new multiplayer items that appear in the Shop as you level up
– Added more wins for Poppo
– When attempting to join a game that hasn’t yet started but has 4 players, you now join as Spectator, instead of receiving the “Lobby is full” message.
– Sounds now play even when the game is not in focus.
– Added option in Configuration to mute sounds when game is not in focus, as before.
– Card and button animation speeds have been adjusted for high game speeds.
– Changed the CPU takeover when a Spectator joins as a Player to happen at the start of the next player’s turn instead of immediately (indicated by flashing character portrait)

– Holy Night card has been limited to 1 per deck.
– (Playable) Boss Robot now has 6 max HP (down from 7).
– (Playable) Flying Castle now has -2 Defense (down from -1).

– Updated the descriptions on x16 Big Rocket and Flip Out to accurately describe their effect.
– You can no longer click Join/Spectate on the lobby screen before host is back in the lobby.
– Fixed crashes resulting from Steam being offline while playing.
– Added a check to better remove old ‘ghost’ lobbies
– Fixed several issues that might cause the game to desync when host quits.
– Fixed a problem resulting in a player possibly loading no map and seeing all characters KO’d.