First Look into Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest!

February 3rd, 2015Fruitbat Factory, Ltd. is proud to present the first English screenshots for their upcoming PlayStation 3 release of Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest. Prepare to battle cute world leaders in this massive tactical RPG from Japan! Fruitbat Factory will release the game in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in Summer 2015.

Featuring over 70 characters by renowned artist Oyari Ashito and other industry stars, Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest was developed by TENCO and published on PlayStation 3 in Japan by MAGES. label 5pb.Games.

“It’s been a fantastic journey to get this close to releasing Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest. As long-time fans of strategy games, we are all excited to bring this great game to fans around the world.” says Jakke Elonen, project lead.

Eiyuu Senki SS-01

In this fantastic adventure, the player finds themselves in an alternate world populated with famous characters of history and legend – who also all happen to be beautiful maidens – and must fight their way to world domination.

Game features:

  • 70+ stunning heroines to lead your armies and quest with
  • 120+ cities to conquer across the world
  • Tactical turn based battles with countless skills, items and enemies to master
  • Multiple endings to reach in a huge, branching campaign
Eiyuu Senki SS-02

Full Japanese story and battle voices by famous voice acting celebrities The three new screenshots showcase the game’s charming character art and dialogue, and give the first peek into the battle system.

“There is so much to do in Eiyuu Senki. Different paths to world domination to take on, countless quests and battles to pick from. So many choices, like whom to put in which squad, spend resources leveling, equip with legendary items, send on missions or keep in reserve for battles, makes for anything from 50 to maybe 100+ hours of gameplay for all but the fastest of players to see all the game offers.” comments Ozhan Sen, art lead.

Eiyuu Senki SS-03

For more information, business inquiries  and to be included in the press release and review mailing lists, contact Fruitbat Factory at

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd.
English version developer (Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube) Fruitbat Factory is an independent localization house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese indie games to English-speaking audiences.

MAGES. Inc. Publisher of original Japanese PS3 version (Homepage) Based in Tokyo Japan, MAGES, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment on various platforms. MAGES, Inc. is most famous for its critically acclaimed ADV (Visual Novels) – Chaos;Head,  Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes from MAGES, Inc. main brands – ‘5pb.Games’ and ‘Science Adventure Team’.

Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest is (c)TENCO/ 2013-2015 MAGES./5pb. Licensed to and Published by Fruitbat Factory, Ltd.

18 thoughts on “First Look into Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest!

  1. Just to make sure, this is going to be a digital-only PSN release, right? I’m super excited for it and I want to make sure I know how to get it on day one. Also, has there been any content that’s been altered for the western release?

    Also really happy to see some information after all of this time. I’ve since picked up a fancy Arthur figure. The hype is real.

    • Oh, one more thing I forgot to ask: What about the extra DLC character that came with the Japanese version? I forget if it was a pre-order bonus or an LE bonus, but will that character be made available to us?


    • That’s correct, it’ll be a PSN release. We haven’t needed to alter any content so far, and I don’t see us having to, either.

    • Vita version isn’t out of the question, but we’ll need to see how the PS3 version fares first since it’d be another big undertaking.

      • Here is to hoping a vita or PC version (the 18+ version if PC) comes out soon. Want to buy it but I had already sold my PS3 when it turned out Tales of Zestiria, FF15 and Persona 5 were all also on the PS4. Was looking forward to eiyuu senki but thought it was originally going to be a summer release and forgot about it with the lack of additional information.

  2. Thank you very much for bringing this title to the west! I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you release a Vita version too.

  3. Any chance of a super limited physical release for PS3 (or Vita!) a la Retro City Rampage DX and Class of Heroes 2G?

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  6. Is this a localization of the initial PS3 release? I intend to support your gracious efforts either way but if this is the console port of the very lukewarm first edition of the game then I can safely can most of my hype and settle for being pleasantly surprised that it’s getting a localization in the first place.

  7. Oh geez, it looks amazing. I can’t wait for this game. I’ve been paying attention to it since even before it was released in Japan. As a massive fan of Sengoku Rance, this caught my eye immediately.

    I know people who are interested but want to get the game on PC/Steam. I hope that Fruitbat Factory does well with the PS3 release and considers porting it over. I’ll be getting it on PS3 personally.

  8. Been checking weekly in hopes this shows up on the psn website! I’d clear up space for vita release of it males it that far. Would day one but this tho! My vita eats up anything jrpg / strat but just can’t get into the slew of VN and dry dungeon crawlers that’s been getting shoved down the pipes. Any updates on a release date for ps3/vita release? (it’s already summer) haha

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