Fruitbat Store Reborn!

We updated and upgraded our home store. You can now easily access all our games by the SHOP tab on the top right of The games will still have separate pages for those who want to learn more.

The shop will feature discounts on all our catalog as well as the chance to preorder titles near their release dates at special prices.

First two titles to appear as preorders are ‘QP Shooting – Dangerous!!’ and ‘War of the Human Tanks – ALTeR’.

All purchases will come with STEAM keys. DRM-FREE download options are also available for most.

In celebration of launching the new store, we are discounting everything 25% for a week. Don’t miss the chance!

Spirit Hunt Progress – the Final Tally

Today we got some big news lined up concerning 99 Spirits‘ localization progress.

First but not least, the translation and editing of 99 Spirits script and graphics is now officially complete!

With a month to go till the 31.5. release date, we will be spending it testing and polishing the game to be able to release it in the best condition possible.  In this context we want to express our thanks to the alpha testers for their feedback which has helped root out several issues and given good ideas to improve the gameplay in various ways.

We are also focusing our efforts into getting more visibility for 99 Spirits. If you write for a game blog or news site and would like to preview 99 Spirits, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Secondly, we are happy to announce that a playable demo for 99 Spirits is now available for download!

99 Spirits Demo Now Available

You can get it from our homepage and in time from our distributors. We are excited to hear your feedback!

Who knows, there might even be a little Easter egg in the demo…

Call to Arms: 99 Spirits

After a long preparation, here it is:

Fruitbat Factory is proud to announce our new project, Puzzle RPG 99 Spirits is doing a simultaneous entrance on IndieGoGo and Steam Greenlight.

99 Spirits, recently released in Japan Fall 2012, is the first RPG produced by the Japanese indie game circle TORaIKI, and is currently being localized for English speaking audiences. 99 Spirits was the recipient of the December 2012 Indie Dev Grant.

The game features an original battle system where players will have to puzzle out the true identify of the enemy before defeating them. 99 Spirits revolves around the real Japanese legends of Tsukumogami, where everyday objects come alive on their 100th birthday.

99 Spirits - screenshot 06

We are actively seeking the community’s support for the ongoing localization on IndieGoGo and for the game’s Steam release on Greenlight. “We truly appreciate the support of everyone interested in playing more unique Japanese PC games in English to help fund our current project and ongoing work. We are doing what we love and will continue to do so even if no funding is made available. We are doing this to gauge popular demand and to cover some of our immediate project expenses in the hopes of making a timely release possible so that we may continue creating interesting titles in the near future.” explains project lead Jakke Elonen.

30% of all the proceeds of a successful campaign will go to the original Japanese developer of the game, TORaIKI, giving fans a unique chance to support both the localization and original developer directly. Fans of the genre will also be able to enjoy exclusive items for their early support of the game including t-shirts, posters and a sneak peak of the game before it’s available to the public.

The project also offers all kinds of cool rewards for the pledgers, including t-shirts, posters, an artbook, a special boxed collector’s edition and a dakimakura.

99 Spirits will also be making it’s debut on Steam Greenlight. “Every independent developer faces the day they must enter the arena known as Steam Greenlight. For 99 Spirits, today is that day,” says Yoshifumi Ishii, the game’s translator. “Go to the game’s Greenlight page to check it out, and vote for it if you like what you see. Tell your friends. That’s all we can ask of anyone.

99 Spirits is planned to be released on PC (Windows) in Spring 2013.

Additionally , our homepage has had a Downloads section added with trailers, screenshots and more!

Spirit Hunt Progress #1

Here’s a status update for those wondering just how the 99 Spirits localization is progressing.

Our current status is as follows:

  • The game’s graphics are edited.
  • System scripts are edited. I’d say their contents equal about 10% of the game’s total script, and were infinitely more work to translate.
  • Work on tutorials has begun.

Well, that was a short post. But it just means all is well in the world of 99 Spirits – at least, if you can overlook the rampant monsters laying waste to the capital.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile, we’ve added a new character – or in this case, characters – in the 99 Spirits character gallery again! This time it’s Tony’s favorite character. In case you haven’t checked the character pages yet, we also prepared a little slideshow to show what you’re missing out on.


In other news,” is still going strong. There is still three weeks to go until our appearance in the bundle, but since the first week’s bundle is closing up soon, here is a list of the titles in the second bundle. Don’t miss the chance to grab the games so cheap.

Week 2:
Caster (STEAM)
Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece (STEAM)
Strategic War in Europe (Greenlight)
Zombies (Greenlight)

Raising Spirits

Alright, so the word is out. Our next project is 99 Spirits.

There are several points of interest that make this game a very special release for us.
99 Spirits Screenshot
1. The game was just released in Japan.

  • 99 Spirits was released on Comiket 82 in August 2012. That is to say, less than 3 months ago now. We’re looking to release it in early 2013, which means our English version should hit the shelves around half a year after the game’s original release. Given also that this is an RPG, which are among the more difficult genres to localize, a release this fast would be almost unprecedented. Of course, we haven’t decided on a release date yet and won’t release the game before we’re confident we got everything just right, so it might end up taking a bit longer than that, but this ETA is based on our current projections.
  • Though we don’t necessarily target the newest games (as seen in our previous release), this rare opportunity is one we want to take full advantage of.

99 Spirits Screenshot
2. The game is challenging (localization-wise).

  • We like a good challenge, and as we’ve stated on many an occasion, our main criteria in choosing projects is that they are interesting and actually require translation to be playable by English speakers. Still, we were almost stumped ourselves by the challenges localizing 99 Spirits promised. At the core of this difficulty lie its puzzle mechanics, which we’ll go more into later. Anyone who has played the game or its trial in Japanese will know what we’re talking about. But hey, this is what we do best!
  • Actually, at War of the Human Tanks’ release party, Yakiniku Banzai, the developer duo of the game, commented on 99 Spirits: “If you guys can translate this game, there’s no game you can’t translate.” We feel the same, and this is another reason why we’re having a lot of fun with this project. Even the initial work on the game’s infrastructure we’ve already completed was a real test of imagination.

99 Spirits Screenshot
3. The game has some damned pretty art.

  • Uh, well, just had to say that! I love all the charming little details in the artwork, like the way Hanabusa’s portrait starts to nod off when you don’t touch the game for a while.

Also, a new character has been unlocked in the character section of 99 Spirits homepage’s: Soujun the wandering monk. We’re planning on adding a new character each week.

So with all that said, look forward to 99 Spirits when it’s done. Also, if you have something specific you’d want us to talk about on the blog, feel free to drop a comment.

Human Tanks Fight On

You’re walking down Steam Greenlight, clicking “YES” on War of the Human Tanks as you pass, and then, suddenly… WHAM-O! FREE STEAM KEYS FOR EVERYONE!

That’s right, once War of the Human Tanks gets on Steam, everyone who’s purchased the game from any of our distributors will receive a free Steam Key for it as well!

WotHT Greenlight Promo 3

Human Tanks, Charge!
Your target: Steam!

How can you support us?
-Purchase a copy of War of the Human Tanks from the distributor of your choice. Your choices are: Indievania, Desura, GamersGate and Green Man Gaming.
-Vote for War of the Human Tanks on Steam Greenlight.
-Tell your friends, family and everyone you hold at gunpoint.
-Once War of the Human Tanks is on Steam, you will receive a key at no additional cost.

In other news, Chapter 3 of the “Let’s Play” Guide for War of the Human Tanks has gone live. Share the miserable struggle at Chapter 3: ‘The Aoba Troop Did Their Best’!

Human Tanks Home in

It’s an exciting week for us with the release date for War of the Human Tanks finally just ahead: September 14th, this Friday.

To celebrate the approaching occasion, here’s an absolutely gorgeous art piece by Angie (@9aia) of Heshiko and Choko from War of the Human Tanks. It made us really happy! You can view this and a bonus Liselotte illustration on our forums’ Fan Art section.

The “Let’s Play” guide at has been updated with Episode 2, check it out, especially if you’ve already played the demo or are struggling with it.

Demo Squad Go!

The surviving Shock Tanks report that a demo version of War of the Human Tanks has appeared in several locations. Scout Tanks confirm the sightings at GamersGate and Desura as of this moment. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation!

Desura Digital Distribution
In other news, the Guides section for War of the Human Tanks has gone live with the first part of the guide. Rumors say that other sections will be added soon.

Meanwhile, the war goes on. Human Tanks are fighting a brave battle on Steam Greenlight. It’s great to see the community response there. Enlist now to join the war effort!

All new Human Tanks are welcome to join our forums to discuss the ongoing war.

Fruitbat Factory Forum

Our forum is ready. Please feel free to use it to talk about our games, company, your suggestions or anything else you would like to share with us and everyone else hanging out there.

In addition, three new sections were opened on the War of the Human Tanks homepage. Two more links under the System tab now function: you can get some info about the game’s menus from the System Screen page, and Screen Shots page will host a growing selection of War of the Human Tanks screenshots.

Our Downloads tab got a new section called Avatars where you can find forum avatars of the War of the Human Tanks characters. These avatars are sized for our forum but feel free to use them where you wish.

Here is a special treat for you to celebrate this occasion, a full campaign map of War of the Human Tanks. You won’t find it anywhere else, at least for now.

Home of the Human Tanks

War of the Human Tanks pages are now live!

War of the Human Tanks main cover

You can hop straight in by clicking on the banner, or navigate there from our main page at through the same banner.

We are adding more sections when other tasks allow. Currently you can read up on the story and characters, and get an overview of the game system.
Once completed, the pages will double as a manual for the game with in-depth game play guides.

If you spot some issues with the site, don’t hesitate to tell us.