100% Orange Juice Demo out!


A playable demo is now available for 100% Orange Juice on Steam. Download it on the store page to check what the buzz is all about!

Meanwhile we have made several updates to the game since the release on May 16th, short list:

– Balance: The final Wins Norma now requires 14 wins.
– Balance: Bonus panel stars gain is now capped at 3 * dice roll.
– Added a confirmation dialog on exiting lobby.
– Now properly checks version compatibility between lobby owner and joining
– Lobby list now has a button leading to the official group chat.
– Tomomo allow option in lobby creation now defaults to No.
– Game Boards can now be bought in shop as alternative to unlocking them through Campaign.
– The player’s currently selected Norma is now indicated with a yellow highlight.
– The game now remembers your last picked unit and defaults to it.

…Plus various bug fixes.

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