The Tale of a Newbie Programmer

Do you know Sora, our newest crew member? Please enjoy this self-introduction. We’re giving the floor to him now!

Hello! You may have not heard about me before, as I quietly slipped into the crew.

I come bearing the mame of my favorite character: Sora as my nickname. I discovered 100% Orange Juice through a friend back in 2016. If I had to quickly give an introduction: I live in France, am 24 years old at the time I’m writing this, and I love heavy metal music. Atreyu’s band is my personal favorite. \m/

My favorite hobbies are pretty much: gaming, creating things, drawing, and hugging my Sora & Suguri plushies.

I joined the Fruitbats on the 10th January 2020. It’s my first professional experience as a programmer, and I was super excited to get started. After setting up the project files and everything, I got assigned my very first task: making the master volume option, which needed both UI modification, and save file changes.

The game engine used, Luna3D, is made in a very specific way which does not use OOP everywhere – I just got out of intense C++ practice before getting hired, so seeing old methods of coding felt a bit threatening at first.

The fun part of working with a brand new environment was first getting my bearings, finding what does what, and putting those two together into a decent code. Thanks to the team, I asked whenever I needed help, and I had my answers quite fast. Something I wasn’t used to though, is that logic and drawing are both handled in two different places, which I was not doing before. That said, a lot of the basic concepts were completely unknown to me as I had no previous experience with them. 7 hours of work were needed before I managed to get a decent result that worked quite well. Later on, I kept on going with other voice options, as well as other tiny changes here and there.

The first big project I had to handle on my own was one of the new Playground mini-games: Poppo Shooting. It went through several prototypes, the one that comes to mind being stationary balloons, and a score based gameplay. It got changed later to moving balloons carrying rewards.

It was also the first time I had to tackle the wonderful network code, and managing the AI behavior. When starting the development, I was unsure of which direction I should go, there wasn’t (from my understanding back then) any hitbox functionality, which was crucial for a balloon & dart based game, which was the base idea. A quick search on google led me to an SDL example, which I could adapt to our code. And miracle of miracles, it worked. Besides that, some of you might remember that the CPU was really bad at this minigame. I came back to it weeks later (I think it was a few days before School Crashers event ended) and improved the AI by a lot, giving them priorities, a (way) better aim, and decision management.

Afterwards came some QoL features, such as saving the lobby name & password between game sessions, and changing those in the lobby directly if you were the host. The previous experience I gathered made that way easier for me to implement. It was the first time I had to bother Tony (Rive, our lead programmer) for some AoS2 code snippet, which I took about 30 minutes (and a lot of re-explanations) to understand. If you read that Tony, please forgive me!

The next “big” feature I made was the integration of the Rich Presence feature of Steam & Discord, as well as fixing steam invites so they would make you join your friend’s lobby directly. It took a lot of effort to debug, but in the end everything worked quite well. The funny part was working with an old framework (discord-rpc) which has no more support at all. I remember having some issue about the game invitations, but trying to email discord would redirect me to a server that gives support to the newer version and not the old, which was not helping me at all. But in the end, I eventually found out the issue myself and corrected it. We had to implement a way to retrieve Steam avatars and convert it into a usable texture, which took me a lot of research in order to know how to do it, as I had little to none knowledge about how DirectX works. With the help of hexun, we managed to get the avatars working together, which were added later in the lobby screen.

Later on, the project I have probably spent the most hours on (a full month and a half!) was handling, along with trackftv (yet another of our programmers), the Bounty Hunters event. While Track was creating the quest & bounty side of the game mode, I was creating the shops as well as thinking of items. It was a lot of suffering fun to debug all of this. (And even if some horrible desyncs got through when it was put live, we managed to fix it quite rapidly.) The one thing I remember the most is all the panel layering issues we had – Basically, the panels had way too many things on them at once, which completely messed up the layers (For example, BH shops going over Arthur’s shops, like competition was a crime!)

Thankfully, Track managed to fix all of it… I think. I’m sure we’ll have to look back at it again once we’ll tackle the remastered version of Bounty Hunt!

You can notice here that we originally planned items to be locked behind your current Norma level.

Lately, you saw me pulling out the official modding support. It was something I really was looking forward to, knowing that I came myself from the modding scene in other games. The whole system took about 20 hours of work. It’s of course not yet finished. A lot more is coming for it, including the much requested Steam Workshop support. I don’t have any big details to share about the system overall, just that it was a second take at it after failing the first time a few weeks back. But I’m glad that today so many people enjoy making custom skins for their favorite units.

I could expand that list of projects even more, but some things have yet to remain private for now. I’m super happy to be a part of this wonderful team, and I can’t wait to see how far we’ll be going together!

Editor’s note: everyone be nice to Sora!

果汁いっぱい(?)オレンジジュースぬいぐるみKickstarterプロジェクト 第2弾



Plushie Fan #1
US$ 1 以上のプレッジ

One Super Cute Plushie
US$ 36 以上のプレッジ

Two Super Cute Plushies
US$ 70 以上のプレッジ

Four Super Cute Plushies
US$ 138 以上のプレッジ

Six Suuuuper Cute Plushies!
US$ 205 以上のプレッジ

Plushie Master
US$ 400 以上のプレッジ

Tomomo Hell
US$ 3,000 以上のプレッジ


$13,000 – マールアルのぬいぐるみ化


$17,000 – ハイパーカード

$21,000 – アルテのぬいぐるみ化

$25,000 – ユニットカード

$29,000 – トモモ(スイートイーター)のぬいぐるみ化

$37,000 – サキのぬいぐるみ化

$45,000 – ケオレパルケのぬいぐるみ化












製作は、米国拠点のSymbiote Studiosと協力して進めてまいります。



















第1弾 (写真左から)




サマーゲーム (イラスト:あやみ)

仕える者たち (イラスト:Rosuuri)




















  • カザフスタン
  • アフガニスタン
  • 戦争・紛争地域










Los peluches de 100% Jugo de Naranja – ¡Segunda parte!

¡La espera ha terminado! – ¡La segunda ola de los peluches super populares de 100% Jugo de Naranja ya está aquí! ¡Basado en los personajes de los desarrolladores de 100% Jugo de Naranja, estamos emocionados por mostrarles seis nuevos modelos de peluches!

Después del increíble éxito de los primeros peluches, los cuales fueron un 817% más allá de la meta principal en Kickstarter, estuvimos trabajando detrás de las escenas para responder el llamado con respecto al resto de los personajes. ¡Después de muchas votaciones, discusiones internas, diseños y prototipos, estamos felices por presentar 6 nuevos peluches con prototipos completos!

¡Todo lo que aprendimos de la primera campaña fue puesto a buen uso, y apuntamos a hacer que esta campaña sea aún mejor!

Para cubrir el costo de producción de cada uno de los personajes, la meta inicial de la campaña solo tendrá 2 personajes: Marc de Flying Red Barrel, y Aru de la serie de Xmas Shooting, ¡todos los personajes en su propio derecho!

¡Si las metas adicionales son alcanzadas, Tomomo (Sweet Eater), Alte, Saki y Ceoreparque serán añadidas a la campaña!

Al final de la campaña, los donantes podrán escoger a los personajes que se hayan desbloqueado y a los 6 personajes de la primera campaña: Marie Poppo, Suguri, Sora, Star Breaker, QP y Hime.

Esta vez, los prototipos de los peluches fueron hechos por adelantado, así que el desbloquear nuevos peluches con las metas no retrasará el envío de la recompensa.

¡Sólo tu donación de Kickstarter nos ayudará a producir estos peluches a sus respectivos precios!

Acerca de los peluches

Tal como se había dicho anteriormente, los nuevos peluches fueron diseñados por su artista original, Hono de Orange Juice, por el propósito de la campaña. Estamos asociados con la compañía norteamericana – Symbiote Studios, la cual también produjo los primeros 6 peluches.

El trabajo de santa nunca se acaba

Los peluches tendrán un tamaño de aproximadamente 10 pulgadas (25cm) de alto. Fueron diseñados para sentarse de forma vertical sin ningún tipo de soporte. Además, los peluches tienen imanes pequeños y escondidos en sus manos para permitir que sostengan varios accesorios (incluyendo los que están incluidos con los peluches)

En nuestra votación después de la primera campaña, el 57% de los donantes dijeron que estaban “muy felices” con el aspecto y la calidad de los peluches, el 99% de los donantes dijeron que estaban “super felices”, “muy felices” o que “estaban bien”, con el 1% “peor de lo que esperaba” y 0% “no muy feliz”.

Puedes encontrar fotos de los prototipos en la Galería. Por favor, ten en cuenta que estos prototipos no son el producto final, y que podrán tener algunas diferencias con respecto al producto final. Las recompensas serán fabricadas usando estos ejemplos como prototipo, pero teniendo diferentes procesos – por ejemplo, el cabello tiene unos errores visibles que derivan de la producción manual, pero en la producción, la tela será hecha con una maquina profesional para hacer que se mantenga con suavidad.

La meta principal

La campaña de Kickstarter por $13,000 cubrirá todo el costo inicial de la producción del número mínimo para los peluches de Marc y Aru. Los peluches serán producidos en base a las órdenes, y lo que sobre se verá disponible en nuestra tienda en línea un tiempo más tarde por un precio estimado de $45-49 dependiendo en el costo de la producción de cada personaje.

Tendría que haber recargado el combustible de Red Barrel antes de ese vuelo…

También estamos haciendo 4 personajes adicionales – Tomomo (Sweet Eater), Alte, Saki y Ceoreparque – ¡Disponibles una vez que sus respectivas metas sean alcanzadas! Todas las recompensas permitirán la combinación de cualquier peluche, incluyendo los 6 de la primera campaña, así que si las metas son alcanzadas, esos nuevos personajes estarán disponibles para tu selección una vez que la campaña termine. ¡Más detalles en las metas en la próxima sección!


Con respecto a las cartas de unidades y las cartas especiales, estuvimos un poco descontentos con la calidad de su producto en términos del papel y portadas, así que si estas son desbloqueadas, serán un poco más gruesas para verse mejor como cartas del juego y vendrán empacadas en un plástico fuerte para evitar que se doblen.

Puedes escoger a cualquier personaje desbloqueado en tu selección al final de la campaña, sin tener que cambiar de recompensa.

¡Saki es linda, liiiinda! ¡¿Verdad?!

¡Cuanto más fondos se recauden, más personajes recibirán sus propios super-geniales-lindísimos peluches!


¡Un peluche más!

Si deseas recibir un peluche adicional (o dos) en tu recompensa, simplemente añade lo siguiente a tu donación:

$36 – 1 peluche (+ $14 por el envío) añade $50 en total.

$70 – 2 peluches (+ $20 por el envío) añade $90 en total.

Lista completa de peluches confirmados para la producción:



Una foto grupal de la primera ola de peluches.

Los peluches de Hime, Star Breaker, QP, Marie Poppo, Sora y Suguri también se encontrarán disponibles.

¡Rollos de pared!

Hay 3 rollos de paredes distintos de 100% Jugo de Naranja, todos con una calidad de fabrica alta y en tamaño B2:

Halloween (arte de Kagawa Yusaku)

Juegos Veraniegos (arte de ayamy)

Secuaces del Maestro (arte de Rosuuri)

Podrás combinarlos de cualquier forma a tu orden al añadirlos de la siguiente forma:

$35 – 1 Rollo de pared (+ $15 por el envío) añade $50 en total.

$70 – 3 Rollos de pared (+ $20 por el envío) añade $90 en total.

$95 – 3 Rollos de pared (+ $25 por el envío) añade $120 en total.

Todos los rollos de pared están hechos en Japón. Ten en cuenta que también puedes ayudar a la campaña al donar $1 y entonces pedir el costo del rollo de pared.

Confirmaremos todo el contenido adicional en una encuesta una vez que la campaña termine.

Resumen de la producción

El costo inicial de la producción para el monto mínimo de peluches será de, aproximadamente, $8.000. Ya que el costo del envío está incluido en el monto de Kickstarter, aumentará nuestra meta de una manera mucho más rápida. El monto exacto que podemos dejar en la producción depende en las recompensas que todos hayan donado (¡Recomendamos el paquete doble de peluches para un mínimo costo de envío!).

El valor estimado que permitirá la producción de estos artículos es el mismo que antes:


Al igual que la última vez, estimamos que la producción de los peluches tomará hasta 3 meses desde el final de la campaña, y el envío completo tomará hasta un total de 4-5 meses.

Alte disfrutando de un poco de paz y tranquilidad.

Ten en cuenta que ya tenemos los prototipos de los 6 peluches por adelantado, así que si modelos adicionales son desbloqueados, no creará ningún retraso significante esta vez, y podrán ser enviados junto a los demás.

También estamos trabajando junto a Interweave Productions, LLC. en las operaciones de la campaña.


El costo del envío será de $15 por unidad a cualquier parte del mundo, con el paquete doble de peluches teniendo 2 peluches con el valor de $20 en su envío. Con un solo peluche cubrimos $1 en el costo del envío para que el costo total sea de un buen y redondo $50.

¡Tomomo está esperando quedar en el tope de todas las encuestas de popularidades!

Nuestra campaña de Kickstarter fue calculada con precisión para conseguir el monto mínimo y cubrir desde la producción hasta el envío y gestión sin ningún tipo de beneficio propio.

Desafortunadamente, debido a las leyes de importación, NO SE PODRÁ ENVÍAR A: Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, y entre otras zonas de guerra activas.


Una vez que la meta principal de la campaña se haya conseguido con éxito, admitiremos las donaciones con Paypal.

¡Si la meta es alcanzada, Repa usará su magia!


Si eres un comerciante al cual le gustaría vender grandes montos de peluches, por favor envía un mensaje con respecto a ordenes grandes y redistribución.

Riesgos y desafíos

Esta campaña está basada en la primera ola de peluches, la cual fue un éxito masivo, así que apuntamos a tener un diseño simple e igual. Ya hemos negociado la producción de los peluches y recibimos modelos ejemplares para confirmar la calidad. A este punto, ya habremos lanzado 3 campañas de Kickstarter diferentes, así que tenemos un buen conocimiento sobre el proceso y los riesgos, y aunque sólo tengamos un personal relativamente pequeño, estamos seguros de que podremos enviar un producto con el cual los donantes quedarán felices y satisfechos.

Los riesgos de mayor probabilidad son los retrasos no previstos en la producción y el envío.








ストレッチゴール一覧、「販売店様」宛て情報などを追加 Continue reading

100% Orange Juice – Popularity Games

We just recently made an internal summary of 2016 player stats in 100% Orange Juice, and I figured it’d be fun to do a breakdown of some popularity stats for the year.

It’s a long post, so prepare to scroll down!

Before writing this post, I also made some polls on Twitter for some of the categories, to see if people can guess which character was most popular. The community answers will be included where relevant.

Starting with the big one:

Most popular starter character – the winner is… Suguri! (Community guessed correctly!)

Least popular starter character – the winner(?) is Kai!

Most popular non-starter character – the winner is Star Breaker! (Community guessed Sora)

Most popular non-starter FRB character – the winner is Sherry (who gets a bottle of wine)! (Community guessed correctly!)

Most popular non-starter male character – the winner is Peat!

Most popular campaign unlock character – the winner is Yuki!

Most popular bonus character – the winner is Mixed Poppo! (community overwhelmingly guessed Sora (Military))

Most popular bunny – the winner is… Aru! Congratulations!

Most popular NPC character – the happy winner is Chicken!

And last, the answer (at least for 2016) to the question, which one is more popular – Saki or Sham? The numbers don’t lie, the winner this time around was… Sham! (Community guessed Saki)

We have a lot of cool stuff planned for 2017 too, so stay tuned!

Status Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since our last post where we talk about the status of our various projects. Since we have an extraordinary amount of games in the works at the moment, I figured it’d be good to give a bit of an update on them all.
So if that interests you, buckle up and read on.

100% Orange Juice
I’ll start with a game that’s not coming out any time soon. In fact, it’s been out for 3 years now. Still, it’s our best-selling title, and we’re constantly working to keep improving it, so it feels natural to talk about it first.

We employ a full-time programmer, and most of his time goes to developing 100% Orange Juice, it being the most technically demanding of our games. Over the months and years we’ve kept improving the infrastructure of the game to the point that if you watch the Steam trailer for it now, you’d be hard pressed to find a single detail that hasn’t changed in some way since making the trailer (and yes, we have a new trailer in the works!).

The latest major undertaking was changing the rendering of the game so that almost every text in the game is now stored as plain text instead of graphics, allowing us to support multiple languages in a rapidly changing game. It was the wish of Orange Juice to add support for Japanese, and with the most recent update, we can now also support any number of custom languages. It’s cool to see many people working to translate 100% Orange Juice into their native language!

On our recent trip to Japan, we sat down for a good chat with Orange Juice about the game’s current development, and the things we’d like to do with it in the future. It was heartening how they were completely on board with all of them, so we have a ton of exciting news in store for 100% Orange Juice in the coming winter. A keen observer may have observed some spoilers for some of them on the Internet already, but we also have some ideas that we’re confident will surprise everyone.
Moving onto our upcoming releases…

Although our background in the industry comes strongly from visual novel translation, Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish was the first pure visual novel we released as a company (putting aside the two 99 Spirits fan disc stories). However, it won’t be the only one. With all likelihood the next one will be Uzumeya’s mysterious fantasy ENIGMA:, which has an interesting narration style and tons of endings.

The translation, courtesy of Conjueror, is now at 100%, and the game is moving into editing. The project’s slated for release this winter, either late this year or early next year.

This cool new RPG comes from Shiisanmei, and is packed full of cute character art and tongue-in-cheek humor. As a fairly massive RPG, there’s a lot to QA in Lionheart, and I can foresee that process taking a while.

Translation itself is at 95%, and same for editing. What remains is mostly combat data. Although it’s possible we’ll be able to release the game this year, it’s more likely to happen early next year, since playtesting is expected to take some time.

Miniature Garden
Translation is now beginning on Muzintou’s dark mystery visual novel Miniature Garden. Not much else to say about it yet, but look forward to the finished game! The production values (including Korie Riko‘s art and the top of the line anime voice actors) are pretty amazing. We’re aiming for a release around Spring 2017.

Dungeon Girl
Inu to Neko is a hard-line developer who’s been making gameplay-heavy games for well over ten years, a major feat in itself. Dungeon Girl is our first release from them, and we’re looking forward to bringing many new fans to the game universe. Did you know that all Inu to Neko games share the same world and many characters? Working on Dungeon Girl has been fun so far, and there’s a ton of depth to the gameplay mechanics.

Translation of Dungeon Girl is currently at 78%, and editing at 72%.

Acceleration of SUGURI 2
We had a slightly unusual reveal for Acceleration of SUGURI 2 this summer, and one that was a ton of fun for us. Since then, we’ve received countless requests for status updates. Well, I’m happy to say that the translation and editing of AoS2 is 100% complete. However, the biggest challenge we’re tackling for its release is programming, since we want to handle its multiplayer right. As with 100% Orange Juice and 200% Mixed Juice, we plan to support Steam lobbies and possibly add some extra multiplayer features.

We will start the Steam programming shortly, but it will likely take several months, so I can almost guarantee it’s not coming out in 2016.

Seven Days
While not really an ongoing project on our part, those who follow our social media, or visited our booth at Tokyo Game Show, saw us promoting LIFE0‘s upcoming visual novel, Seven Days, and made the correct assumption that we have the rights to an English release.

Seven Days is currently raising funding on CAMPFIRE, a Japanese crowdfunding platform, and has so far raised a hefty 4.2 million yen out of its 2 million goal. There’s still a few days left if you want to support it, though please note that CAMPFIRE is for Japanese users only. We are also co-funding the game’s production, so naturally our expectations are high.

Seven Days is coming out in late 2017 and we’ll have more updates and an official reveal closer to that time.

…And more?

That’s the end of this status update. You should take any release estimates with a grain of salt, as you may note that we don’t list an actual release date for any of them yet. There’s always a chance that some aspect of a game takes longer than expected, or that we run into an unforeseen issue somewhere along the way. Or conversely, we may finish our work on a game a month earlier than initially estimated. That’s why we avoid committing to any dates until a game is virtually ready to release, and the estimates you see here are just that, rough estimates.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 Guest Schedule

Hello everyone!
With Tokyo Game Show 2016 (September 15-18.) rapidly approaching, we’re happy to announce the final list of guest appearances at our booth. The full list of guests includes Yakiniku Banzai, Orange Juice, LIFE0, Tazigen Clock, Inu to Neko, Muzintou and Shiisanmei!


You can meet representatives of the circles at our booth, 7-N01 at the above times. Our star guest, Poppo, will also be giving signatures whenever she’s not out and about.


We also have some super limited badges from various games available at our booth, for those quick enough to visit us each day.

TGS Badges

Hope to see you there!

100% Orange Juice Version 1.10.1 Adds a Festive Event!

100% Orange Juice Version 1.10.1

Version 1.10.1 is now live, alongside a festive Double Drop Event: chance to unlock rewards from multiplayer is doubled for the duration of the event!

There may also be something else special going on…

Patch notes:


  • Double Drop Event is now on! Doubled unlock chance from playing multiplayer games.
  • Monsters and festive-spirited players now experience something new.
  • Changed the way fields are handled in preparation of supporting custom maps (NOTE: the changes will stop FieldMod from working at the moment).
  • Whimsical Windmill can no longer be used if all other players are KO’d.
  • Chapter Count is now drawn a bit higher if Passionate Research is on.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to system graphics.
  • Players can now close the game launcher without starting the game.


  • Sherry’s Combat Flight achievement now correctly checks for winning condition.
  • Crystal Barrier no longer activates on players who have the buff and use Whimsical Windmill to battle others.
  • Alt-tabbed players should now get a blinking taskbar icon when attacked by Sherry or a player using Whimsical Windmill in multiplayer games.


  • Changed Sham’s attack to 0 (up from -1).

Sora to Commence Her Operation on January 5th with a Bonus Character

We are most happy to announce that a special bonus is coming for Sora, when it launches on January 5th!

All owners of Sora on Steam will unlock a free bonus character in 100% Orange Juice!

Sora (Military) is an original character designed by Orange Juice, drawn by Hono. She’s a version of Sora from the days before her current appearance in 100% Orange Juice. Driven to fight in an endless war without a break, you can expect her playstyle to be wilder, with new abilities and a new hyper card, “Awakening of Talent”.

The new character is prepared in cooperation with Orange Juice exclusively for the Steam release of Sora.

Sora is available for preorder from the official Fruitbat Factory store.

100% Orange Juice – Sham & Sherry Character Pack Now Live!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now available – Sham & Sherry Character Pack adds 2 new playable characters from Orange Juice’s games. The much anticipated Sham from Sora makes her appearance alongside the laid-back Sherry, the first extra character from Flying Red Barrel.

Sham & Sherry Character Pack includes:
Sham (Sora):
HP: 4
Attack: -1
Defense: +1
Evasion: +1

Hyper (EVENT): Delta Field
All other units receive the following effect until your next turn: All dice rolls will be 1.

Sherry (Flying Red Barrel):
HP: 5
Attack: +1
Defense: +1
Evasion: +1
(Special) Enemy always goes first. If the enemy is Sherry, ignore this effect.

Hyper (EVENT): Whimsical Windmill
Fight all other players in order. The enemy goes first. During battle, gain Evasion +1.

Also, version 1.10 ~Little War~ is now live!


  • When using a card in battle, you can no longer see the card disappear from the player’s hand before the battle starts.
  • Redesigned Deck Creation menu to display cards on mouseover in a larger and easier to read size.
  • Redesigned unit selection in Deck Creation and Avatar screens to a single selection pop-up.
  • Consequent Warp Move and Move panel re-rolls are now limited to a maximum of 5.
  • Waylaid achievement condition changed to KO’ing one opponent while using Ambush (down from 2).
  • The central deck now displays the current chapter count.
  • Reworked the deck saving buttons on Deck Creation screen.


  • Fullscreen no longer flickers in Windows 10.
  • NPC unit cards now display as ‘Player’ instead of ‘Enemy’ cards.
  • Warp/Warp Move panels now correctly take you to any other Warp/Warp move panel.
  • Changed Sweet Guardian card type from EVENT to BOOST.
  • Various consistency fixes in card descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where characters without a hyper card of their own drawing a hyper from deck would remove it from play.
  • Fixed the shop icon for Kae’s basic color pack.
  • CPU can no longer pick multiple Tomomos if Unique option is on.


  • Kae now gains +Attack for all -Defense even when defending.
  • President’s Privilege card effect now lasts 2 chapters, up from one.
  • Krila now has -1 Defense (down from 0).
  • Plushie Master now heals for 2 HP (up from 1) and sets traps on 3-5 panels, depending on map size (up from 3).
  • Subspace Tunnel now creates 4-6 Warp Move panels, depending on map size (up from 4).
  • Present for You now causes players with a full hand to draw 1 card.
  • Effects that would overlap (such as Extraordinary Specs, Lonely Chariot) now act according to the effect last applied.