New Screens and Opening for Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest!

Download Press Kit with screenshots here

April 21st, 2015Fruitbat Factory, Ltd. is proud to present 3 new screenshots, as well as the English opening movie for their upcoming PlayStation 3 release of Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest. Fruitbat Factory will release Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2015 via PlayStation Network.

Featuring over 70 characters by renowned artist Oyari Ashito and other industry stars, Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest was developed by TENCO and published on PlayStation 3 in Japan by MAGES. label 5pb.Games.

The three new screenshots showcase the introduction of the Taika Empire, a battle scene against a hero of the EU, and a skill acquisition for Mordred, one of the Knights of the Round Table.

In addition, Fruitbat Factory has unveiled the English opening movie for Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest. The PlayStation 3 opening theme, “Infinite Melody”, is performed by famous voice actress and singer Imai Asami.

“Whenever I start watching this video, for work purposes or not, I always end up watching it to the conclusion. There is just so much to see…” comments Ozhan Sen, art lead.

The new screenshots and opening movie can be seen on the game’s homepage at

In Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest, the player finds themselves in an alternate world populated with famous characters of history and legend – who also all happen to be beautiful maidens – and must fight their way to world domination.

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“The game’s chock-full of gorgeous character art, and the opening visuals give a great glimpse into the many heroines you will meet during the game. We are excited to reveal more art for the game.” says Jakke Elonen, project lead.

Game features:

  • 70+ stunning heroines to lead your armies and quest with
  • 120+ cities to conquer across the world
  • Tactical turn based battles with countless skills, items and enemies to master
  • Full Japanese story and battle voices by over 50 famous voice actors

For more information, business inquiries  and to be included in the press release and review mailing lists, contact Fruitbat Factory at

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd.

English version developer (Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube)

Fruitbat Factory is an independent localization house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences.


Publisher of original Japanese PS3 version (Homepage)

Based in Tokyo Japan, MAGES, Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment on various platforms. MAGES, Inc. is most famous for its critically acclaimed ADV (Visual Novels) – Chaos;Head,  Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes from MAGES, Inc. main brands – ‘5pb.Games’ and ‘Science Adventure Team’.

Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest is (c)TENCO/ 2013-2015 MAGES./5pb.

Licensed to and Published by Fruitbat Factory, Ltd.


9 thoughts on “New Screens and Opening for Eiyuu Senki – The World Conquest!

  1. I hope that this is successful enough for you guys to bring the Vita version as well. I mean, the Vita fanbase is stronger than ever for these kind of games, while the PS3 fanbase is weaker and weaker by the day.

    • So hope we all! Vita version’s on the table, but indeed it depends on the PS3 version’s sales.

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