100% Orange Juice – Alte & Kyoko Character Pack Hits Steam

August 10, 2015– Independent game publisher Fruitbat Factory is proud to announce version 1.9.8. of 100% Orange Juice, which adds a new DLC on Steam. 100% Orange Juice – Alte & Kyoko Character Pack adds 2 new playable characters from developer Orange Juice’s games. Alte makes her appearance as the first DLC character from Sora alongside the long-awaited cool beauty, Kyoko from Suguri.

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100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange Juice’s all-star cast. Characters from Suguri series, QP Shooting series, Flying Red Barrel and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out… with dice.

Character Pack includes:

  • Alte from ‘Sora’
  • Kyoko from ‘Suguri’
  • New, unique Hyper Cards for both characters to bring chaos to the battlefield with!
  • New music tracks play as Alte & Kyoko’s themes

The new characters are designed by Orange Juice’s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character and card artwork by Hono.

Alte & Kyoko Character Pack is released alongside 100% Orange Juice version 1.9.8. which adds a slew of new features, including Windowed Fullscreen mode and two new Field Events. Full patch notes can be read on the Steam Community page.

100% Orange Juice – Krila & Kae Character Pack comes priced at $1.99, with a -25% launch discount for the first week. All other 100% Orange Juice titles are also available at discounts up to 66% during the currently active Steam Japanese Indie Games Festival event.

For more information, business enquiries and to be included in the press release and review mailing lists, contact Fruitbat Factory at info@fruitbatfactory.com.

Download Press Kit with screenshots here


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