The Spirits Grow Stronger

While we are hard at work preparing the game’s upcoming release, there is a bunch of exciting news to share.

We have had people on Steam Greenlight commenting that they would like to have 99 Spirits available in the Japanese language as well.

Hence, not long after announcing that 99 Spirits will carry dual audio, English and Japanese, we now have the pleasure to announce that to meet popular interest, we will also be including the original Japanese game in a Deluxe version we will be offering (similarly to our previous release War of the Human Tanks). Players will be able to choose between installing the game in English or Japanese.

Those who would prefer to enjoy the game in its original condition will thus benefit from having it available from major digital distributors.

The alpha version of the game has meanwhile been extended to the full game, and now also includes the promised English audio option. Check out the new build from our backer forum if you have access, and let us hear your thoughts.

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In other news, the IndieGoGo pledge rewards are coming together nicely as well, and we’re currently gathering backers’ wishes regarding the T-shirt and body pillow details.If you’re a backer, make sure to check the IndieGoGo updates and our forums for more information. We need a confirmation of the chosen goods by 30.4. at the latest.

We have received spectacular new art for all of them from TORaIKI, as you can from the image above.

99 Spirits in Dual Audio

The great reception has been great for 99 Spirits on IndieGoGo and there’s much to write home about.

Currently at 134% with 5 days to go, we are striving towards the stretch goal which would allow us to also localize the 99 Spirits Fan Disc released in Japan this winter.

This is a sizable addition, and it will be added to all pledges that include a copy of the game for free!

It’s a shame that this kind of extras seldom make it outside Japan, and we hope we’ll get the opportunity to release the fan disc, which is a visual novel format side story for 99 Spirits.

Big thanks to everyone who’s helped us get this far!

Thank you for helping 99 Spirits reach its goal

And in other happy news:

After considering feedback from the audience, we have decided to add dual audio to the game. You heard right.

We will always keep the original Japanese audio in our releases, but we’re not unsympathetic to those who prefer playing with an English dub either. What’s most important to us is that all players can enjoy the game.

In our release of 99 Spirits players will be able to toggle between Japanese and English audio at will, giving everyone the best of both worlds.

For the English version, we have the pleasure to announce that Amy Ann Burke will be narrating the opening and voicing Hanabusa in combat. She has previously done acting work for the BBC and is currently voicing in the animated webseries “JRPG Parody” (the irony of which we’re not blind to).

We hope this addition will prove useful to many players.