WotHT Bonus Maps

With the game’s release date approaching, we’ve had some more free time in our hands (controversial yes, I know). Naturally, we’ve put it to good use.
Following a good tradition, we at Fruitbat Factory wanted to add something unique to our English release of War of the Human Tanks. After deliberation we ended up adding two bonus battle maps because designing them is so addictive that we couldn’t stop at just one.

With the addition of these two maps War of the Human Tanks now has more than thirty maps! (Well, thirty one to be exact, but you didn’t hear this from me.)

Clearing a route in WotHT unlocks extra Free Battles in addition to the storyline maps you have cleared. These maps tend to be considerably more spicy then the normal maps, and are intended for the players looking for a bigger challenge. They are completely optional of course. The two new maps will appear alongside these bonus maps as you clear one of the game’s several endings and let you put your survival skills to test for the coming Fruitbat Apocalypse. They are not intended as the most difficult maps in the game, but should be quite different from the previous ones and present the player with new sort of strategic dilemmas.

Happy hunting!

We prepared a bunch of screenshots to help you assess the… wait, what, one got out?!
Stop it before…!