Parting ways with Shiisanmei & Lionheart

Hello all,

We find ourselves in the sad situation where we have to announce we’ll be parting ways with developer Shiisanmei and removing Lionheart from our catalogue.

To only give the most general summary of the reason behind this decision within the bounds of general confidentiality, the developer seems to have had unrealistic expectations for the Steam release of Lionheart, which coincided with personal issues we weren’t aware of, and that has led them to harass our staff incessantly to a degree where they’ve had to take sick leaves due to stress. This has been a continuous strain on our entire company for the past 2 years, and while we’ve hoped for the situation to improve over time, their behavior has only grown more aggressive instead, to a point where we simply cannot condone their actions.

We’ve long tried to find a peaceful way to solve the situation, or at least peacefully detach ourselves from the developer without any drama, but unfortunately even this has turned out impossible. Since we have contractual obligations to our partners, we found that the only way we can secure the well-being of our employees is to cut off ties with the developer altogether.

I now regret we didn’t take this step sooner, since the signs were there already before the release of the game, when the contacts from developer side started to turn increasingly bizarre.

I dislike unnecessary drama and I would’ve been happy to not make this post, but as the developer has (not unexpectedly) now begun slandering us in public, it’s unfortunately impossible to say nothing. However, we are still bound by confidentiality, so what we can say is limited in scope. Please accept this as the bare minimum statement from our side.

Lionheart will be permanently discontinued from our distributors after February 11. It can be purchased for -90% off on Steam and Fruitbat Factory store until January 21, so if you wish to add it to your collection, we encourage you to do so now.

I’d like to stress that Lionheart is a fun game that we’ve spent months and months polishing, so I can only hope these news won’t spoil your enjoyment of it.

We wish Shiisanmei all the best in their future endeavors.

-Jakke Elonen
President of Fruitbat Factory












ヤッケ エロネン

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