99 Progress Reports

This weekend our first crowd funding venture, 99 Spirits IndieGoGo campaign ended with great success. It gathered 252% of the funds we set as our goal and even reached to the stretch goal to release the 99 Spirits Fan Disc.

99 Spirits - Indiegogo Blog Banner

We can’t thank enough to everyone who helped us along the way to making this a reality.

Currently we are working hard to release the 99 Spirits as soon as possible while preparing the pledge rewards for all the contributors.

You can follow our progress on this by checking our forum. We just started a thread there detailing every step of the process. Check it out by following this link.

99 Spirits - screenshot 06OH NO! The fourth wall!

Fruitbat Factory Forum

Our forum is ready. Please feel free to use it to talk about our games, company, your suggestions or anything else you would like to share with us and everyone else hanging out there.

In addition, three new sections were opened on the War of the Human Tanks homepage. Two more links under the System tab now function: you can get some info about the game’s menus from the System Screen page, and Screen Shots page will host a growing selection of War of the Human Tanks screenshots.

Our Downloads tab got a new section called Avatars where you can find forum avatars of the War of the Human Tanks characters. These avatars are sized for our forum but feel free to use them where you wish.

Here is a special treat for you to celebrate this occasion, a full campaign map of War of the Human Tanks. You won’t find it anywhere else, at least for now.