Demo Squad Go!

The surviving Shock Tanks report that a demo version of War of the Human Tanks has appeared in several locations. Scout Tanks confirm the sightings at GamersGate and Desura as of this moment. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation!

Desura Digital Distribution
In other news, the Guides section for War of the Human Tanks has gone live with the first part of the guide. Rumors say that other sections will be added soon.

Meanwhile, the war goes on. Human Tanks are fighting a brave battle on Steam Greenlight. It’s great to see the community response there. Enlist now to join the war effort!

All new Human Tanks are welcome to join our forums to discuss the ongoing war.

Release the sounds!

Sound of the Human Tanks I, the first part of the Human Tanks OST Trilogy, is now released!

Here are details about the OST:

Sound of the Human Tanks I has 30 tracks totaling 71 minutes of game music and is a part of a soundtrack trilogy featuring tracks from the first two games in the Human Tanks, Charge! series, War of the Human Tanks and Alter.

Sampling-Sound and DeZI:R have prepared the Sound of the Human Tanks OST for Yakiniku Banzai, featuring the vocal talents of Phan Masaki, Miya Oribe, Kotone Yukino, Light Ageha and Mai.k.

The standalone OST is available for purchase from for €4. To help you make up your mind, you can listen to all the tracks in full on the site for free.

In related news, we are proud to present a War of the Human Tanks Deluxe which comes with Sound of the Human Tanks I. Everyone who preorders the game will be given the Deluxe edition at no additional charge. You can preorder by following the links below:

Desura Digital Distribution

Sortie Order

We are proud to announce that the day is at hand, War of the Human Tanks is being released 14 September 2012! Initially it will be available from Desura, Gamersgate and Indievania for $9.99 (or equivalent).

A demo fully featuring the first five chapters will be available 4 September 2012. You will be able to carry over your saves from the demo to the full game. So don’t hold yourself back, play it a couple of times, experiment with different results in battles, gather some supplies, develop and build different units and modules…

To celebrate this wondrous occasion Indieviddy prepared the new trailer you saw on top of this post, hope you like it.

Desura Digital Distribution