Opening of the Human Tanks

So many things are happening at once, and we have great announcements to make. This week we wanted to release the opening video of the War of the Human Tanks alongside one of these news that made us very happy. But small delays in this and that dragged things on and caused us to skip this week’s intended update on our blog. That wouldn’t do, so we decided to at least share with you the new opening video, in all its translated glory. Here we go:

Special thanks to Herkz for his help on the video.

This is the first version of the opening for War of the Human Tanks. Since the game is structured into episodes like a TV series, each of the story’s chapters has an opening and ending. There are many different endings as well as alternate versions of the opening which progressively reveal certain characters as you meet them in the story. In this initial opening you can see the major characters from the opposing side appear as silhouettes.

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