Hello, world

Okay, so we are Fruitbat Factory. Never heard of us? Can’t blame you, neither had we not long ago! Here’s a snippet about how we (and this blog, as a byproduct) came to be:

Fruitbat Factory came into being in early 2012 as a joint venture between three translation veterans aiming to bring interesting, innovative and fun Japanese games to the English-speaking audiences worldwide. After working as contractors on several commercial Japanese-to-English localizations, Jakke Elonen and Ozhan Sen were inspired to take a more active role in expanding the market. They debated the options, and decided to form a company of their own. After laying the groundwork and working out the business plan, Mr. Elonen and Sen contacted Yoshifumi Ishii; a translator they had had the pleasure working with over the years. With Mr. Ishii’s joining, Fruitbat Factory had everything they needed to begin producing high-quality localizations.”

Yep, that’s us producing high-quality localizations left and right. In this space you’ll likely come to find random ramblings about our development plans and processes.

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