Sora Now Available on Steam!


Orange Juice’s shooter Sora is now available on Steam! 

Sora tells the story of its namesake: the lone enhanced human, Sora, and her struggle to protect a fading world. Enjoy breathtakingly fast-paced combat in the Suguri universe, with improved game system and graphics along with original trance music by DEKU. 
Key Features:

  • Fast-paced, tactical bullet hell action 
  • Three game modes: Story, Arcade and Match Mode 
  • Over 20 different weapons to unlock 
  • Bring three weapons to your missions 
  • English localization features new high resolution graphics

Sora to Commence Her Operation on January 5th with a Bonus Character

We are most happy to announce that a special bonus is coming for Sora, when it launches on January 5th!

All owners of Sora on Steam will unlock a free bonus character in 100% Orange Juice!

Sora (Military) is an original character designed by Orange Juice, drawn by Hono. She’s a version of Sora from the days before her current appearance in 100% Orange Juice. Driven to fight in an endless war without a break, you can expect her playstyle to be wilder, with new abilities and a new hyper card, “Awakening of Talent”.

The new character is prepared in cooperation with Orange Juice exclusively for the Steam release of Sora.

Sora is available for preorder from the official Fruitbat Factory store.

D is for Dangerous!!

We are happy to announce that a very special, fan-requested bonus is coming for QP Shooting – Dangerous!!.

QPD unlock

All owners of upcoming shoot’em’up QP Shooting – Dangerous!! will unlock a free bonus character in 100% Orange Juice on Steam.

QP (Dangerous version) is an original character designed by Orange_Juice, with art by Hono. She’s a re-imagining of QP as she appears in her signature game QP Shooting – Dangerous!!, with new abilities and a hyper card. Can anyone resist her energetic cuteness?

As we are excited to make another great game by Orange_Juice available to gamers worldwide, we felt this was a great opportunity to connect the games of the popular franchise more closely. The new character is prepared in cooperation with Orange_Juice, exclusively for the game’s Steam release.

QP (Dangerous) will be available for play in 100% Orange Juice immediately upon activating QP Shooting – Dangerous!! on Steam. She does not replace QP, but adds a separate playable character. QP Shooting – Dangerous!! is set for November 14 release, and preorders are now open at the Fruitbat Factory homepage.

Requires 100% Orange Juice base game to play.

WotHT Bonus Maps

With the game’s release date approaching, we’ve had some more free time in our hands (controversial yes, I know). Naturally, we’ve put it to good use.
Following a good tradition, we at Fruitbat Factory wanted to add something unique to our English release of War of the Human Tanks. After deliberation we ended up adding two bonus battle maps because designing them is so addictive that we couldn’t stop at just one.

With the addition of these two maps War of the Human Tanks now has more than thirty maps! (Well, thirty one to be exact, but you didn’t hear this from me.)

Clearing a route in WotHT unlocks extra Free Battles in addition to the storyline maps you have cleared. These maps tend to be considerably more spicy then the normal maps, and are intended for the players looking for a bigger challenge. They are completely optional of course. The two new maps will appear alongside these bonus maps as you clear one of the game’s several endings and let you put your survival skills to test for the coming Fruitbat Apocalypse. They are not intended as the most difficult maps in the game, but should be quite different from the previous ones and present the player with new sort of strategic dilemmas.

Happy hunting!

We prepared a bunch of screenshots to help you assess the… wait, what, one got out?!
Stop it before…!