100% Orange Juice

I realize that we’ve kept pretty quiet after our previous release. It’s the holiday season and all, you know?

That doesn’t mean we haven’t been doing anything though. In fact, it’s time we revealed our next localization project.

And it’s coming out… today. In fact, it’s already out.

But don’t tell anyone.

We’ve had a pretty furious go at this one, the project was so fun we ended up putting the less essential things like social media, sunlight and our mortal coils aside for a while.

Ozhan‘s trying to tell me the reason for our silence was that it’s an exclusive release, top-secret hush-hush, but I’m somehow not convinced.

Anyway, the game. I’m sure you want to hear about the game!

100% Orange Juice is developed by Orange_Juice, whom you may be familiar with from games like Acceleration of Suguri and Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator. It’s an all-stars board game featuring characters from Orange_Juice‘s other games (including the aforementioned). Oh, and beautiful cards to collect.

100% Orange Juice contains 4 single-player campaigns, and I clocked over 40 hours playing through them (though it might just say something about my board game skills.)

The game is totally hilarious and we had a blast with the story.

It also includes multiplayer support for up to 4 players, which is a rather rare and delightful feature to come across. We’ve actually spent most of the past week improving the Netplay code to make it easier for people to enjoy the game with their friends. You can find an in-depth guide explaining the multiplayer system here. Big shout out to our coder Tony for all the work put into the code.

I could write a fair bit about the gameplay, but why not just watch the gameplay trailer instead.

Oh right, did I say the game is out today?

That’s right, you can get it exclusively through Indie Royale super cheap, so be sure to show some support for Orange_Juice‘s funky games. Available as long as the bundle lasts (for the time being).

Make sure to drop a comment on Steam Greenlight (where we launched simultaneously) too! All games purchased through Indie Royale will get a Steam key when 100% Orange Juice is Greenlit!

Let the party begin!

5 thoughts on “100% Orange Juice

  1. I got this game today, and one thing I was wondering about is whether it’s possible to play hotseat multiplayer on a single computer? I’m trying to talk my friend into buying it because we always play board games when we get together, but without hotseat it would be difficult to do so.

    • Hi Heshiko!
      There’s currently no hotseat mode. It’d definitely be a nifty feature but would require very drastic changes to the code. We already considered the idea earlier and will probably look into it when things settle down, but can’t make any promises.

  2. This game is amazing, I hope it gets the greenlight because it deserves a wide audience. Thank you for bringing this to us. Some sort of tutorial or help section is needed, as I had to google search to find the wiki and a fansite to learn to play.

    The other thing I would suggest is some way for people to find fellow players, even something as simple as a chatroom on the website for us to meet. I will be watching for more from you guys in the future and spreading the word to my friends. Thanks again to everyone involved.

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