Human Tank Factory

Hello again everyone!

This week we’re not talking about War of the Human Tanks! Rather we wanted to share an amazing piece of news with everyone: at Comiket 82 held in Japan this past weekend, Yakiniku Banzai (developers of the Human Tanks series) unveiled a new Human Tanks game, making it the 4th installation in the Human Tanks saga!

That’s totally awesome. Thematically it sounds like the game might differ from the past installations gameplay wise: つくって!人間戦車 translates loosely as ‘Assemble! Human Tanks’ with the subtitle ‘Human Tank Factory’. I’ve always loved factory themes!

The game is built on their new engine also used in Recycle Princess (still in development), in HD resolution. Can’t wait to see what this factory actually contains. Official Japanese homepage for the game can be found here.

One thought on “Human Tank Factory

  1. I need this game, I finished all three games (War of the Human Tanks, Alter and Limited Operations) less than a week ago with all achievements and still don’t have enough. Worse, with the exception of LO (and maybe the higher cat levels in the Cavern) there is no real challenge left for me. Last time I played I made fun of using Karubis in the sniper level of Alter.

    I hope you can build all these amazing human tanks in this game you couldn’t even develop in Alter, like the Rubble tanks or some interesting tanks in the last Daihon’ei Corps bonus level. I also really want to have that special Peko-Peko from the “real” last floor of the Great cavern of Fuji, and the Cat Alternative (alos called the “Gymnastic Formation”, at least I like to think that).

    Also a level editor would be really nice! I don’t think it would be very hard to make one for this game. I would pay a lot of money if that game would me develop even the last of the unavailable special tanks in Alter and enable me to make my own battle fields!

    Sorry, if something looks weird in my text that’s probably because
    1. I’m not a native English speaker,
    2. autocorrect.

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