Release the sounds!

Sound of the Human Tanks I, the first part of the Human Tanks OST Trilogy, is now released!

Here are details about the OST:

Sound of the Human Tanks I has 30 tracks totaling 71 minutes of game music and is a part of a soundtrack trilogy featuring tracks from the first two games in the Human Tanks, Charge! series, War of the Human Tanks and Alter.

Sampling-Sound and DeZI:R have prepared the Sound of the Human Tanks OST for Yakiniku Banzai, featuring the vocal talents of Phan Masaki, Miya Oribe, Kotone Yukino, Light Ageha and Mai.k.

The standalone OST is available for purchase from for €4. To help you make up your mind, you can listen to all the tracks in full on the site for free.

In related news, we are proud to present a War of the Human Tanks Deluxe which comes with Sound of the Human Tanks I. Everyone who preorders the game will be given the Deluxe edition at no additional charge. You can preorder by following the links below:

Desura Digital Distribution

Sortie Order

We are proud to announce that the day is at hand, War of the Human Tanks is being released 14 September 2012! Initially it will be available from Desura, Gamersgate and Indievania for $9.99 (or equivalent).

A demo fully featuring the first five chapters will be available 4 September 2012. You will be able to carry over your saves from the demo to the full game. So don’t hold yourself back, play it a couple of times, experiment with different results in battles, gather some supplies, develop and build different units and modules…

To celebrate this wondrous occasion Indieviddy prepared the new trailer you saw on top of this post, hope you like it.

Desura Digital Distribution

Human Tank Factory

Hello again everyone!

This week we’re not talking about War of the Human Tanks! Rather we wanted to share an amazing piece of news with everyone: at Comiket 82 held in Japan this past weekend, Yakiniku Banzai (developers of the Human Tanks series) unveiled a new Human Tanks game, making it the 4th installation in the Human Tanks saga!

That’s totally awesome. Thematically it sounds like the game might differ from the past installations gameplay wise: つくって!人間戦車 translates loosely as ‘Assemble! Human Tanks’ with the subtitle ‘Human Tank Factory’. I’ve always loved factory themes!

The game is built on their new engine also used in Recycle Princess (still in development), in HD resolution. Can’t wait to see what this factory actually contains. Official Japanese homepage for the game can be found here.

WotHT Bonus Maps

With the game’s release date approaching, we’ve had some more free time in our hands (controversial yes, I know). Naturally, we’ve put it to good use.
Following a good tradition, we at Fruitbat Factory wanted to add something unique to our English release of War of the Human Tanks. After deliberation we ended up adding two bonus battle maps because designing them is so addictive that we couldn’t stop at just one.

With the addition of these two maps War of the Human Tanks now has more than thirty maps! (Well, thirty one to be exact, but you didn’t hear this from me.)

Clearing a route in WotHT unlocks extra Free Battles in addition to the storyline maps you have cleared. These maps tend to be considerably more spicy then the normal maps, and are intended for the players looking for a bigger challenge. They are completely optional of course. The two new maps will appear alongside these bonus maps as you clear one of the game’s several endings and let you put your survival skills to test for the coming Fruitbat Apocalypse. They are not intended as the most difficult maps in the game, but should be quite different from the previous ones and present the player with new sort of strategic dilemmas.

Happy hunting!

We prepared a bunch of screenshots to help you assess the… wait, what, one got out?!
Stop it before…!

War Report #2

So last week we said we have great news. Indeed, as I am happy to say that translation & editing for War of the Human Tanks is now FINISHED! That’s definite cause for celebration (and a few beers). Big kudos to Yoshifumi who finished translating the last scenarios in record time. The whole staff has had a blast playing them and most of us are now at 100% completion rate.

I don’t think we’ve specifically mentioned it anywhere, but the game has 2 main routes and 4 different endings, and completing a route unlocks new challenges for you. There are a total of 29 different battles (edit: 31 now) to unlock and fight through as you play the different routes. So there’s quite a bit more to the game than just playing through it once. It took us some 20 to 30 hours to reach completion, depending on the person. It was interesting to see how each of us approached the gameplay with their own philosophy.

So where does that leave us? We already announced earlier that we’ll be releasing the game this fall. We’re well on schedule for that. There are some things still left to do, however:

*Finish replacing the battle maps.
*Fine tune the system files.
*Playtest, playtest, playtest.

So this is mainly what we’ll be doing over the next few weeks, after sobering up from the celebration.

Look forward to the game this fall!

Opening of the Human Tanks

So many things are happening at once, and we have great announcements to make. This week we wanted to release the opening video of the War of the Human Tanks alongside one of these news that made us very happy. But small delays in this and that dragged things on and caused us to skip this week’s intended update on our blog. That wouldn’t do, so we decided to at least share with you the new opening video, in all its translated glory. Here we go:

Special thanks to Herkz for his help on the video.

This is the first version of the opening for War of the Human Tanks. Since the game is structured into episodes like a TV series, each of the story’s chapters has an opening and ending. There are many different endings as well as alternate versions of the opening which progressively reveal certain characters as you meet them in the story. In this initial opening you can see the major characters from the opposing side appear as silhouettes.

Favorite Tanks

Today we decided to take a break from translating the game and conduct a survey to see what people like best about War of the Human Tanks, instead. Here are some responses from random passersby (names have been altered to respect their privacy):

For me, the twisted humor in War of the Human Tanks really hits the spot. I instantly fell in love with the name of the game – I mean, human tanks, anyone? The rest didn’t disappoint once I played it, either. Using Shock Tanks to carry self-destructing messages? Rewarding the pitiable tanks with cola for a bloody battle? Protagonist’s complete disregard for orderly behavior? I absolutely love it. There’s nary an episode that hasn’t managed to wring at the very least a wry grin out of me. Since most of my time is spent working on the script, I can very much appreciate the humor in it.
And I must add, Heshiko‘s distressed face is especially cute… if you know what I mean!

I don’t know if you ever played the game Battleship but the way you make blind shots while trying to guess at the enemy’s location in Human Tanks reminds me of Battleship in a positive way, especially when you are dealing with units larger than a single hex.

I also love customizing my units and how this changes the whole experience, oftentimes in funny ways. For example, I have this Hikari model tank that hits an immense area when she attacks with the Shooting Area +1 module I had her equip. I also wanted her to be fast, so I equipped her second slot with a Modem, increasing her speed by one. But because her range isn’t long enough to compensate, whenever she fires she hits herself as well. Luckily she occupies four hexes, so she won’t kill herself if I’m careful, but she’s also helping the enemy take her down making this a double edged sword, a very silly one at that.

This game is stupid! I can’t get any work done because I just keep playing it. It’s horrible!!

I’ve had a blast with the game’s story. The supposed seriousness of warfare is contradicted by the wacky antics of the 4th Armored Corps in such an innocuous manner one can’t help but laugh. The scenario’s has just the right balance between battles and dialogue to constantly keep me entertained. Oh, and the soundtrack always gets me rockin’ along!

Theres something really satisfying about the battle preparation in WOHT, spending supplies to upgrade and assemble my human tanks, then strategically deploying them on the battlefield. I spend a good chunk of my time when I play the game just thinking about my strategy, considering my options, and putting together my personalized army for each battle.

Sound of the Human Tanks

Big thanks again to the thousands of people who watched our first teaser trailer so far. We got some questions about the soundtrack used in the trailer, so I figured I would talk a little about the soundtrack of War of the Human Tanks this time.

The Legion

The credit for the great tracks goes to and Kagura (DeZI:R) with the voice talents of Mai.k, Phan Masaki, Miya Oribe, Kotone Yukino and Light Ageha.

The OST is certainly a quirky one and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. You can grab a sample mix from SOUND OF THE HUMAN TANKS -SampleMix-(5.87MB).

Check it out!

War Report #1

The scenario translation for War of the Human Tanks is proceeding at a great speed ever since we concluded our work on the game’s rather extensive battle logic. 7 of the game’s 13 chapters have now passed through editing. While initially preparing the hand drawn maps was being delayed by the script translation since we wanted them to reflect the battlefields as accurately as possible, the maps have now trouble keeping up. This doesn’t affect our release schedule, since there are a lot of other steps to go through even after translation is complete.

We wouldn’t want anyone to get bored while waiting, so we opened up three more sections of the War of the Humans homepage and updated the screenshot gallery. By browsing the System Tab and its sub pages you can learn about many aspects of our game and how to play it. These pages double as the game’s online manual. Have fun checking them out.

As a special thanks for the thousands of people who watched our first teaser trailer this week, here is a clear sketch from one of the scenes in War of the Human Tanks: